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Information Wars and Peace

Information wars are on the agenda more and more every day. Although information wars often refer to cyber attacks, the use of information as a weapon has a wider scope. Information that will polarize societies of provoke conflicts also has the role of a weapon of war. Because, wars need social support and the way to do this is to provide reasons to legitimize wars. Therefore, against the use of information as a war tool, a precaution should be taken for information that will feed the war for a lasting peace. Due to the power that social media has gained today, the necessity of measures to be taken in this regard has becaome much more important. However, due to the fact that information is a tool with its own characteristics, the measures to be taken in this regard cannot be considered as a disarmament problem. Contemporary approaches, emphasizing that peace in general cannot be merely a question of disarmamnet, offer a remerkable perspective on how peace is possible. The importance of the demand for peace and the social response to war cannot be denied, especially in democratic societies. In this article, it will be tried to show what kind of attitude can be taken in the face of information wars by presenting some basic approaches to how eternal peace is possible. At the end of the article, the importance of individuals having an epistemic education against misleading and manipulative information will be emphasized due to the polarizing effects of information on societies.

Information, War, Peace, Polarization


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