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Developments in information communication technologies have caused radical changes in all areas of society. In parallel with these developments, life styles of individuals and styles and models of business have changed. Production systems and methods have also changed due to increased competition, customer orientation resulting from changing customer expectations and customer orientation. Businesses have had to continually improve using quality-focused, low-cost, and least wasteful, flexible manufacturing methods and techniques to meet customer demand and expectations. Kaizen philosophy, which is part of Japanese culture, known as continuous improvement in this context, emerges as one of the building blocks of competitiveness in the way of industrialization. Kaizen is an integral part of the management system, which is a system of individual proposals aimed at continuous improvement and participation of employees in the process with their thoughts and behaviors. The individual suggestion system is a continuous improvement tool that systematically collects and evaluates employees' suggestions for the enterprise. An individual suggestion system, which is an essential part of the individual priority kaizen, enables improvements in all areas of the business by taking employees' participation and proposals. Efficiency and productivity will therefore be achieved in processes such as workflow, efficient arrangement of the layout, optimum energy use, improvement of the product quality with the tools and machines, creation of ideas for new products, working conditions, job security and improvement of one's own work. The aim of the work is to emphasize the importance of the individual recommendation system in order to increase the participation of the employees and to carry out the improvement activities in the required fields with the information obtained by establishing this system. In this context, In this context, individual suggestion system established in flour factory which operating in Turkey İSO top 500 industrial companies and obtained individual proposals by form and and face to face interviews and evaluation of wheat improved blending process of the project and have been used successfully on applying the product quality.

Key Words: Lean Production, Kaizen, Individual Suggestion System.


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