Organization, cynicism, teacher, administrator


Organizational cynicism can be defined as the feeling of frustration, fear, insecurity that the
individual feels towards the organization, and the negative behaviors caused by these feelings. In
order for organizations to achieve their goals, individuals in organizations must express their ideas
and opinions without hesitation, have a positive attitude towards their organizations, and believe
that individuals in the organization are impartial. It is extremely important to address the issue of
cynicism, which is of great importance in the school environment and affects many situations
directly or indirectly, and to reveal the cynicism perceptions of teachers. In this context, the aim of
this study is to determine the organizational cynicism perceptions of teachers working in schools
affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. The study group consists of 320 teachers working
in public schools in the 2021-2022 academic year. While determining the study group, simple
random sampling was preferred. In the study, "Organizational Cynicism Scale" was used as a data
collection tool. As a result of the research, it was seen that the general cynicism levels of the
teachers were at a medium level. Teachers' perceptions of cynicism did not differ according to
seniority, age, gender and reasons for choosing the profession; It was determined that there was a
significant difference between them according to the variables of undergoing investigation, income
level, type of school and region studied. As a result of the research, teachers and administrators
were advised to use a positive language in the school environment, to act impartially and fairly, and
to create a democratic environment where they can present their ideas and opinions comfortably and
freely. In addition, based on the finding that teachers' cynicism levels are at a moderate level, it is
thought that it would be beneficial for teachers to attend in-service courses and receive trainings
that prevent them from showing cynical behaviors.



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