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Blogs are a contemporary digital platform widely kept and read across different social and cultural groups for a wide range of different purposes. Blogs are kind of personal web sites which consist of brief text, links, images, and with reader comments that organized in reverse chronological order. The person who did the food blogging is known as food blogger. Food bloggers tend to write about travel and restaurants including home personal food diaries and their own recipes. Food bloggers become the new influences in terms of food industry. Instagram is a perfect place for food bloggers to promote and share their work as it’s all about gorgeous photography, visuals, discovery and inspiration. Over 500 million people go on Instagram each month. Plus, the food bloggers say that this is where they get the best engagement of all social media platforms. This study that aims to evaluate importance and functions of the food blogs as part of food industry, was conducted as a qualitative study. In this context, some food blogs on instagram as a concrete example about information, are evaluated. Data were recovered with the help of instagram observation and examples from instagram. In the light of the findings, it was concluded that if food blogs meet and contribute the objectives of food industry.

Instagram, Food Blog, Food Blogger, Food Industry


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