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With the globalizing world, translation activity is becoming widespread worldwide and the impact of translation on daily life is also increasing significantly day by day. In addition to providing cross-cultural communication and cultural exchange, translation has also an important place in spreading ideologies among societies. Although, it is commonly accepted that translation is not a prejudiced activity, it is influenced by so many variables especially the ideology and the world view of the translators. Because, the decisions made by the translators during the translation process and the ideology of the translators bear some ideological consequences in the translated text. Subsequently, it would not be wrong to define the translation as a process of interpreting the source text that is shaped by the translator's ideology. As a result of this, the effect of ideology on translation has attracted the attention of researchers in recent years. Taking all the things mentioned above into account, the main goal of this article is to explain the role of ideology in translation and to reveal how ideologies affect translators’ decisions and choices in the translation process. This study also tries to explain the relationship between translation and ideology in a concrete way by presenting previous case studies and the results of these studies. In order to serve this purpose, firstly, the concept of ideology was explained in detail. In addition, the concepts of discourse, discourse analysis and critical discourse analysis, which are the first concepts that come to mind when it comes to ideology, are mentioned and the relationship of these concepts with ideology and translation is tried to be explained.

Translation, Ideology, Discourse, Discourse Analysis, Critical Discourse Analysis


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